• Have you been searching your Soul Mate for a long time?
  • No success in dating at all?
  • Would you like to have serious relationships after a long period of being on your own?
  • Are my expectations realistic? (link to realistic expectations?)
  • Always in relationships, with no break in between, still feel you did not find your perfect match?
  • Very successful in dating, but not in finding your perfect match?
  • Would like to be more successful in dating?
  • Been in a relationship with somebody for a while, but he/she does not want to commit?
  • Been in a relationship with high level of uncertainty and would like to discuss it with a professional?

There is a chance that consultancy could help you to find a solution for your situation without taking our dating & matchmaking services.

Consultancy fee: 20.000 HUF (60 EUR)/hour, to be paid in advance prior consultancy session. Also available through skype.

If you decide to take our dating & matchmaking service after consultancy, 50% of the consultancy fee for the first hour will be deducted from your selected package.