How we work

First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency has developed a unique matchmaking method, significantly increasing your chances to meet someone special for you.

We would like to highlight that we focus on quality, not quantity; accommodating a tailor-made, flexible approach, fitting your personality the best possible way.



Exclusive matchmaking is the most efficient and effective way of finding your perfect match. We take as much time as necessary to understand your personality and your criteria for the perfect match. We also help to fine-tune opportunities and expectations taking into account your life phase, age group and all other circumstances that can impact your success in finding your Soul Mate.

Consultancy is a part of this package

Our consultancy covers anything with regards to dating, matchmaking, self-awareness, and current relationships.
The consultancy is conducted in a pleasant and exclusive environment.

 Please, select a package

Personal Interview
After you have chosen a package we will organize an interview with you. This interview would take place either in our Budapest downtown office or via Skype . We will completely accommodate to your schedule taking into account your working hours and availability. ID check is a part of the personal interview, as well as signing a contract and confidentiality agreement. Your personal profile, prepared based on our personal interview, should be approved by you.

Once the previous steps are completed we can start the actual matchmaking process.

Personal Matchmaking
This is the most exciting part of our job! We will create a list of potential candidates for your Soul Mate, matching your requirements for appearance and personality qualities. Sometimes potential candidates will not entirely meet your requirements, however other factors might suggest that he or she might still be your perfect match. Unique cases like these will be thoroughly discussed with you so you have all the information in order to make the decision.

First Date
If you like each other based on your profiles (prepared by us) we would provide female contact details (with no disclosure of sensitive personal data) to the male, and he will contact you to agree on your meeting.

We would like to get your feedback after your first date. You may feel that you are quite sure about your first impressions, or may feel completely uncertain. Either way, we are here to help you with all your questions, dilemmas.

More Personal Introductions
If, after the first date, you feel that you did not find your Perfect Match, we will continue with our personal matchmaking services based on the package, you have selected

Please, note that registration in the data base of the First Class Dating & Matchmaking Agency is free. Our database can only be accessed by employees of our Agency. We kindly draw your attention that registration in our database means passive matchmaking with no obligations for our Agency. It just gives you a chance to be selected by one of our clients in case based on your profile you meet his/her criteria. If it were the case we would contact you by phone or e-mail to arrange a personal meeting with you to find out whether you could be a potential match for each other.