Success stories 

Dear Irina!

I would like to thank you for meeting with Viktor, as a result of your professional hard work.

It is an wonderful thing in the life of each woman, when Mr. Right arrives into her life, Mr. Right, whose voice sounds like a music and every spent hour with Him is perfect.

We would have never met with each other without your help!

I am very happy that I found the First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency!

I would like to thank you again, Irina!


Dear  Irina!

I  have not yet expressed my gratefulness to you that you as a Destiny brought us together with Valeria. She is gorgeous creature, exceptional woman, I adore her and we have serious future plans J

Have a great day!

With all the best,


It looks like it requires quite deep people knowledge and sense of empathy to bring two people together compared to just matching based on couple of parameters as it is done trough internet dating services. Most probably helicopter view brings quite high level of objectivity in matchmaking process!  And the facts prove it!  I was presented a man by Irina, whom I would not consider to be my Soul Mate if I have to make my  decision without Irina’s help – and how lucky  I  am that I accepted Irina’s matchmaking proposal and met with him, since we have very similar mentality and we think the same was about happiness! He is real person with real feelings, exactly like me.


Dear Irina,

Thank you for tailor made and professional services of your Agency. The opportunity of giving feedback after each meeting and your professional approach absolutely helped me to understand my requirements towards my future Soul Mate! It was really pleasure to cooperate with you on this very sensitive issue and I had really no doubts that I will be able to find my Soul Mate through your Agency!

Thank you again for your excellent job and best regards,


Dear Irina!


I think you have a special sense of understanding people personalities and their needs for their Right Person! Your performance oriented attitude guarantees that you will find the Right Person for your client: you put efforts and time to understand the people needs and then you are searching for the Right Person until found!  Thank you and congratulations for your excellent job!


Dear   Irina,

I would like thank you for all the help which you provided to me during searching my Soul Mate from all aspects. As your exclusive client  I dreamed about beautiful wife who is fitting to me based on our personalities as well. And the dream came true when you introduced to me Brigitta! Whom I have already engaged and with whom we have been planning our mutual future.

All I can say I got First Class served.

Best regards, 


Dear Future First Class Client!

Please, do not have any doubt about finding your Soul Mate through First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency in Budapest. I am one of  many successful and lucky  clients who ultimately found his Soul Mate through First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency : it took for me no longer than a half year.

After several meetings with some Soul Mate Candidates the TRUE LOVE came in my life. It has been already half a year since we are together and I still think about that as a BIG WONDER in  my life. I am really very grateful to Irina for this!


We were very much satisfied with the services of First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency in Budapest since we have been very happy couple for already 4 months!

We are very grateful to Irina for this, we would have never had a chance to meet and experience this fantastic feeling  without her help!

As a summary we would like to emphasize, that First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency in Budapest provides first class, absolutely in line with its name,  exclusive and professional services as compared to other similar agencies where you do not find this tailor-made, personal approach.

We are very happy to recommend  First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency in Budapest to everybody, who would like and committed to be as happy as we are!

Adrienn & Tamás

Our success story – how we met each other

After several years of being alone and several unsuccessful attempts to find my Soul Mate at the end of 2009 I felt that it is the right time to find my True Life Partner. As all of us  I was always dreaming about Mr. Right with putting zero efforts into becoming my dream to be true. I had very nice and comfortable life, which kept me busy with my business responsibilities and with friends networking in my spare time, due to that I have never felt lack of Mr. Right. Today I know that I do not want to live without him, without Mr. Right!

At the beginning of 2010 I have checked couple of internet dating websites and came to the conclusion that this dating method does not fit my personality: somehow I do not feel comfortable to correspond with people without seeing them face to face, that is why I have decided to contact Dating Agency dealing with serious relationships. The main reason behind was consideration that  if somebody takes a braveness to take the services of the Dating and Matchmaking Agency he would be committed for serious relationships, committed to find RIGHT person for him as well. I have contacted several Dating Agencies and have chosen First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency.  I have made some photos about myself and launched my Soul Mate searching!

Irina, the founder of the First Class Agency, sent me a letter informing me that there is a great chance for  absolutely right match between  me and  one of her client, and she is convinced that   we will really like each other. She invited me for a personal interview in her Agency located in Budapest downtown.

During our meeting Irina explained me that her customer contacted First Class with high expectations and with the DREAM to find the RIGHT person for him as soon as possible. She mentioned that her customer had very clear view for his future partner in terms of outlook and in terms of personality as well.
We were going through interview questions and I was answering them very openly and honestly. In such  process I think it is very important to be open and honest first of all with yourself as it is going to help in finding out whether two persons match  each other or not.

Irina had a strong feeling that we are matching each other and she showed me Gabor’s photo and his profile. I had very positive first impression about Gábor and really liked him already on paper, though I knew that the personal meeting would decide everything. In a couple of days Gábor called me and we agreed to meet in person.  I was very much excited about our meeting and was thinking a lot prior  meeting whether Gábor is the RIGHT MAN for me.

We are both perfectionists by our nature and we cannot accept less than 100%, that is why we were thoroughly analyzing each other with purpose to find as many weaknesses as possible in each other during our first meeting. Despite very good job on finding negative sides about each other we found ourselves to be strongly attracted to each other …

After our first meeting Irina called both of us for our feedback. She was convinced that the things which we were objecting in each other are at the bottom of priority list. She persuaded us to give another chance and to have another meeting. We both agreed to have another meeting, which went fantastic, we both felt very good and we both started to have a hope that we found MR and MS. RIGHT.

It has been half a year since our first meeting and we are very much happy with each other! Yes, sometimes we have less happy moments though we trust each other and trust our LOVE , every day we both put a lot of efforts to sustain our happiness, we work hard to make our relationships to be lasting forever. The relationships are full of challenges, obstacles,  difficulties but the most important is that we love each other and we learned to see positive sides of each other : we do not spend  time on searching what is missing in  other person, we learned to  appreciate the strengthens of our partner, to appreciate happiness. The LOVE itself is not sufficient for having long, lasting relationships, it is just a base, from where you can build on.

Happy Love Relationships is the best thing in the world, what cannot be compensated by anything else. The base of our relationships is TRUST and LOVE, which is growing every day and helps us to overcome various challenges and difficulties in our life.

It is fantastic feeling, that we found each other, that we care about each other, we care about our relationships. We love each other, we touch each other with excitement and our feelings are getting deeper and deeper every day, and it is amazing!”

Kati & Gábor

Opinion about the First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency.
I represent one of the highly satisfied customer of the First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency and would like to recommend its services to everyone, who is very busy and does not have opportunity to spend a lot of time on Soul Mate searching.
The first meeting with the owner of the First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency was already very pleasant, she was very nice and correct and that is why I have decided to change my passive membership to active membership.
Ongoing Caring and getting my feedback about potential partners are very important for me in partner searching process . II feel that the First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency is very customer –oriented agency: the highest customer satisfaction is the biggest  priority for the  Agency and the Agency makes its utmost to reach high satisfaction of its clients.”
Anna from Budapest

“Initially I have heard about First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency from one of my friend. I felt a little bit awkward about such a form of dating, since I have never experienced any difficulties in finding a date for myself. So why I decided to take the services of the First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency?
On one hand I was curious after visiting the website of the agency ; on the other hand personality of the date is very important for me beside physical attraction (I believe it is valid for everybody). I always had the dates who were perfectly matching me based on outlook, though it always turned out later that we were not matching based on our personalities, or we were simply not on the same wavelength. The First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency brought the following added value to the searching process of my Soul Mate:  I was presented potential partners who were matching me not only by outlook but by personality as well.
Despite the fact that you are presented the potential partner you still have „hunting” feeling since you get only contact details of the person if the positive feedback is coming from other side as well, after that you manage and control your future relationships.
Irina is very nice, pleasant, flexible and extremely helpful person, I would like to wish her further successes in her job!
If somebody is looking for serious relationships I would like to recommend the First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency.”

Our story


It took me years alone and a few failed relationships to come to my decision to take services of professional matchmaker, who would help me to find my Soul Mate, for having serious happy relationships.


We had about two hours interview with Irina, on top of that we had talked through major milestones of my life, she was interested in what I think about serious relationships, family, society, children, and what type of man would be ideal partner for me.  I remember flash in her eyes, and sensed that she has already somebody in her mind…..


I remember her face, her eyes lit up. I have read in an interview with her that she has a mind like a computer program filled with mathematical formulas which is working on a perfect match, but after many years of her professional experience, Irina lets herself listen to her intuition.

At the end of the long conversation, she showed a sympathetic man, and his photos  immediately burned into my memory, especially his bright, laughing look. I liked his personality based on written profile and it was also striking that, going through his profile, I discovered common interfaces in many areas.

Days after my meeting with Irina my phone rang, Irina asked if she could give my contact information to the man whose profile I liked so much. Of course I said yes. A few minutes later, an e-mail from him arrived in my mailbox. The nice, few lines of e-mail have grown into intense correspondence for days. If we printed a book, it would be 300 pages long. By the time we had the chance to meet, we were both in love with each other, and there was only one question left: does Chemistry work between us? After the second meeting, we were sure it would work. The second date was followed by a weekend we spent together, and since then, it’s been perfectly natural that we don’t let each other go. After many years (tenths) of searching, we found our soul mate in each other. We have been married since July. Ever since we first met, we’ve been committed to our relationship and nurturing our love for each other. We have everything we need to be happy together in the long run.

Because of the opportunity to meet, professional attention and Irina’s excellent intuition, I encourage everyone who wants to find their partner not to turn back on the path she took and go to Irina.

Ilona & Gábor

Dear Irina!

When searching for my Soul Mate I spent some time searching on internet dating sites as well, where in many occasions it turned out that the women are 5-10 years older of their age and are heavier by 20 kgs compared to their data indicated on the website. 

All women introduced by Irina were likable and the way how they looked and all other relevant data were matching with the photos and data indicated in their profiles. Anything could have started with them……

 Then the wonder happened! We met with Ilona through Irina’s agency and now we have love, laugh and happy relationships.

I am so grateful to You for that, dear Irina!


Irina Beke has incredible knowledge in people and in matchmaking: her judgments on who matches whom are always very good. Initially I did not necessarily accept her advises in every case, then I came to conclusion that it is better if I do accept her recommendations. Finally she was right: I have found my Soul Mate, with whom we have been together for already more than half a year. We are very happy together and we would never meet together without Irina. I recommend First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency to everyone, who is looking for his/her Soul Mate.


Dear Irina,

It was a pleasure to meet you again  and thank you for the valuable pointers you shared with me, it does help me become a better person. Every time I meet you I feel like I have learned a valuable lesson in life.

 I am delighted with the progress we have made so far.

With you leading this I am 110% confident we will succeed 🙂

Many Thanks,


I would recommend First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency to all who are looking for serious relationships! 

Irina is likeable person with very good understanding of people and great sense of empathy. During personal interview with Irina which is conducted in pleasant atmosphere I could talk honestly and openly about myself. As the result of the interview Irina would have person’s profile in her mind and from this point she would do all her best to find the right match for the client, the potential partner who would fit into client’s criteria.


During our first meeting at the First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency I was convinced that it is professional company and it was worth to come here.  Conversation in nice and pleasant atmosphere with Irina proved for me that she is great professional in dating and matchmaking services! I could openly talked to her and shared with her all relevant information necessary for finding  Soul  Mate for me. Due to my extremely busy business schedule I have really very little time to spend for dating and the QUALITY and PROFESSIONALISM are very important aspects what I expect in such a  kind of services. And it was completely up to my expectations!

Thank you, Irina


I have recently  joined First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency in Budapest and I have not regretted my decision at all. The First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency’s professional and tailor made approach proved  to be beyond my expectations!
I get outstanding help on those  questions and things which are contributing for successful date, all my expectations  towards my future Soul  in terms of the personality, outlook are taken into account and of course I do my best to remain realistic about my expectations.

We have excellent cooperation with the Agency and under just short time of my membership which has been lasting for only couple of months, I acquired much better knowledge about myself, my real values, my personality,  it helped  me to become more confident , more open towards the world.


 We would like to thank you for your help in finding each other through your Agency.
Earlier I had attempts in dating with women through internet dating WebPages with no success for various reasons.

Having registered in First Class Budapest Dating and Matchmaking Agency has turned my life completely!

I really enjoyed our first personal meeting – deep interview through which  you successfully and very precisely identified my personality, taking into account my preferences for the future Soul Mate from all aspects: life style, personality, life goals and others.

I deeply appreciate and respect the professional method of First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency which is based on thorough, deep personality knowledge combined with  consistent follow up, getting feedbacks from the others, which are great contributors for successful Soul Mate finding.

I deeply appreciate your personal dedication and commitment towards this job : it gave me very comfortable feeling of being well- treated and trust which are so much important in this delicate field.

The First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency performs beyond expectations!
We are so much grateful to you for our success story and for the fact that we can share our happiness! 

We wish you a lot of success,  prosperity and grow in your business! 

Best regards:

Sándor and Izolda

“I was so much happy to find Dating and Matchmaking Agency, where the word EMPATHY is not just a word; you experience GREAT LEVEL of EMPATHY when meeting, talking to Agency’s consultants. They  understood very well my expectation towards my future partner and tried to put themselves in my shoes. The Agency consultant was not focused on just selling the Agency services, she was putting all her utmost in finding RIGHT person for me, for finding my happiness. In such a type of services the main criteria for me was tailor made approach with paying attention to my case in particular.  Now I am happy man leaving in long lasting relationships with the woman of my dream.”


“I have very pleasant memories about First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency. I really liked tailor made approach of the Agency, provided opportunity to discuss my feedback and feedback of my potential partners after meeting with them, these types of feedback gave more accurate  picture for Irina so that she could find the best match for me in terms of outlook and personality.  Due to this very personal  and tailor made approach I could find my partner, with whom we are very happy and we are very grateful to Irina  for her help in this very difficult, full of challenges partner searching process.”


“Please, allow me to encourage you to take the services of First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency. With our  very dynamic life style we have less and less opportunity to meet our SOUL MATE through traditional channels like friends or family network. Innovative and professional method of First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency greatly increase your chances to meet with the RIGHT person for you.  Having registered myself in the data base of  the First Class (link to Registration)  I was full of questions and doubts regarding this form of dating and matchmaking. During my first meeting with the First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency’s consultant on top of her being very nice and pleasant I have experienced very high level of commitment,  understanding of people personalities and understanding the whole dating and matchmaking process on professional level , it  was very positive and convincing. The above mentioned features put First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency into unique position in terms of the services quality provided and distinguishes the First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency from any other dating Agencies for its professionalism, commitment and high level of people understanding. The name First Class is fully authentic, absolutely reflecting its First Class service standards. My satisfaction was increasing more and more while experiencing the services of the First Class. And now I am happy owner of HAPPY RELATIONSHIPS, I met my LOVE  through the FIRST CLASS. I  would like to encourage you to take First Class service as well!”


“In our highly dynamic world a lot of people feel „luxury” to spend time on their private life. The situation is not that dramatic despite the fact that it seems that it is more difficult to meet RIGHT person for you than it was in the past.
if someone decides to take the services of the First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency to find his/her RIGHT person he or she will not be disappointed in Irina Beke’s experience and professionalism. During her 20 year professional career Irina has acquired excellent people understanding and management skills. I can confirm that during deep interview you can tell openly anything about your life, your family, your values, and your ideal partner. Such a deep and thorough interview itself provides huge help and support to the person, who is looking for his/her Soul Mate.  It was a great help for me as well as I have formulized first time many things, expectations towards my future partner, through this interview.
The written profile of potential partner contains all necessary information, based on which you can easily make your decision whether you would like or you would not like to meet with your potential Soul Mate.
During my membership I had an opportunity to meet with very interesting people. Otherwise it would be difficult to get in touch with such an interesting people.
When searching for the best potential partner the Agency takes into consideration the personality of the client and the personality of the potential partner as well as outlook of both in order to make the match as perfect as possible. I have taken services of other dating and matchmaking agencies and did not experience such an approach there. I think that the high level of professionalism distinguishes the First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency from other agencies. I think the key success factor is in Irina’s personality, her commitment, her professionalism and her full dedication to her work and responsibilities.
I would like to encourage you to take the services of the First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency!”

“With getting older you find out that there are less and less traditional dating opportunities, and as anybody else , I decided to try  Internet dating . After numerous trials, surfacing through websites of traditional dating agencies, after having frustration on their moral and quality standards I have decided to try tailor made dating and matchmaking services provided by the First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency.
The first phone call with First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency consultant, Irina Beke, has removed all my doubts and our personal meeting in very nice, Downtown office convinced me that the First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency provides authentic, tailor-made services, accessing the needs, requirements and personality of the client in very precise, professional and diplomatic way.
My First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency experience proves that the First Class thinks long terms: invests efforts in quality of the services . This matchmaking method is much more successful compared to random dating method; greatly increase your chances to meet with RIGHT person for you.
I am currently having passive membership, though my meetings with potential Soul Mates are going beyond my quality expectation.
If you are tired of internet dating, numerous meaningless dates, meeting or if you have not started yet to search for your Soul Mate  I would like to recommend the services of the First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency.”

“Dear Dating Agency!

I am 35 year old civil engineer. I have heard about your agency from my acquaintances. Two of my friends found their Soul Mates with the help of your Agency and now they live in happy marriage. I have been alone for 1,5 year and looking for my Soul Mate, unfortunately with no success yet. I would like to become one of your active member.  

Thanks and best regards,
R. Z.

“Dear Irina!

Once-two times a month I participate in „Dating Workshop” , facilitated by very nice, enthusiastic lady with teaching diploma: we are trying to find out the key success factors for finding the Soul Mate in your life.

Last time we were talking about dating agencies, and I was very much surprised that my workshop mates had such a  negative experiences in this area.  I could not agree with my workshop mates since  I have only positive experiences about the  First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency’s services,   it raised interest of my workshop mates towards the First Class services.
Irina, I would like to ask you if you would accept our invitation for the next session and would share with us the method of the First Class Dating and Matchmaking Agency as well as your experiences in dating and matchmaking. Awaiting for your response.
Best regards.”