Tips for the First Date

8 Expert Rules for a Great First Date


  1. Build your Confidence – Dating can be nerve-wracking, even for the most confident person, and we all have a tendency to visualise the worst-case scenario on a date. Before you go out, do some healthy ’asset inventory’, where you make a list of all your good qualities. Picture yourself as being a relaxed, confident person, at ease and enjoying a wonderful date. Remember, your date might have means but you have valuable assets!
  2. Dress the Part! – Do your research and find out where your date is taking you and plan your outfit accordingly. Classic rules of clothing etiquette should apply! Look your best but don’t wear anything uncomfortable, otherwise you will wind up focused on how your clothes feel rather than on your date.
  3. Watch the Body Language – How we sit, make eye contact and posture ourselves can send messages which speak louder than words. Get to know yourself and what non-verbal messages you (and your date) are sending.
  4. It is not Therapy it is a Date! – Don’t talk about a nightmare ex partner, bad dates you’ve suffered, or your horrible primary school stories. Keep it personal, but neutral.
  5. Don’t talk Money – Discussing finances on the first date is a big no-no. You’re both there to get to know each other, not your bank accounts!
  6. Skip the Second Drink – it is a tempting option to calm your nerves by throwing back martinis, but this will only make you stumble into regrettable choices.
  7. Skip the Sex (at least at first date!) – So you’re hitting it off and the person across from you has your heart pounding! It might sound old-fashioned, but resist the temptation to give into your primal urges before you’ve got to know the person better. Saving something for later keeps them wanting more and leaves more room for connecting on a deeper level.
  8. Have Fun! – While you can’t guarantee that every date will be a success, you CAN increase your chances by being as relaxed and as positive as possible on your date. Remember, dating is supposed to be fun.